August 4, 2020

Fresh from a roadside murder and a trek through possibly the worst swamp in the world, the Charlie and Skairn have words before arriving at the small city of Rattou. Perched at the distributary of the rivers Orr and Dis, Rattou has a reputation as a party town of ill r...

July 3, 2020

After a particularly dangerous tete-a-tete with extremely mixed signals goes about as bad as it can, the party… are surprisingly restrained in some ways- and not in others. Dice rolls are awful throughout.

Abella gets tangled up. Nezor gets Hrosh. Charlie plays peacem...

July 2, 2020

Hello TBDers! TBDeers? We'll work something out, don't worry.

It's been a while since the site was updated with information beyond just episode announcements. That's because the cast of There Be Dragons have been hard at work at things in the background. We have a slew...

June 13, 2020

The party divided by the mist seeks to regroup and escape with Hrosh unscathed- but their actions have had further effect than they could possibly have considered.

Charlie and Nezor learn about the stars. Rhylind is scale-curious. Abella initiates a running race. Skai...

May 26, 2020

The party fractures as night falls. Hot on the trail of the errant Hrosh, they discover that the rising mist hides more than one another...

Skairn lives his worst memory. Rhylind fumes. Charlie glows. Nezor covers his eyes. Abella throws her money away.

Check it out Here...

April 29, 2020

Traveling the road to Rattou results in a request from a follower of The Journeyman to investigate a suspicious shortcut. The party find more than they bargained for among the brambles.

Charlie redecorates. Rhylind hides her belongings. Abella apologises. Nezor hears t...

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April 13, 2020

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