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The Roguish Runaway

Portrayed by Angela Donlan

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Abella was one of four children born to a wealthy, politically involved family in The Bachenaux Republic. Her mother, due to her highly admirable and extensive naval career, and father, a trader of highly expensive military equipment, were always a little befuddled by her. Abella’s brothers and sisters excelled in various naval positions and Abella did not. In fact, she had a deep, passionate hatred of the ocean, born from her immediate sea-sickness when venturing onto any sea craft.

They decided early to leave her to her own devices and hope eventually she’d grow up and stop meandering. This suited Abella well- little did anyone know she made use of being ignored to slip away as a child in some stolen servants rags and explore. ‘Exploring’ became climbing on buildings and following interesting people without being seen.

As she grew older, ‘exploring’ turned into stealing into buildings and taking what she liked, and pick-pocketing those with fancy baubles. By her 18th birthday, she was skilled at being unseen, getting into tight spaces, and taking whatever bauble she fancied, until one day she broke into the wrong place. 


For the first time, she was caught. Seeing her obvious skill, the leader of the criminal organisation who's home she'd broken into offered her two options: join them, or lose her hands. She made the obvious choice and soon found that every job got her in deeper and deeper into the organisation. That was, until the day she got in too deep and had to find a way out.

As luck would have it, at the same time her parents decided to step in and guide their daughter’s seemingly aimless life, and promised her to the son of another prominent family. When they delightedly informed her, sure of her immediate demurral, Abella was so shocked that had to make the first adult decision of her life. Facing the wrath of the criminal organisation and a betrothal she did not want, she made the only decision she could.

She fled.

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