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The Moralistic Monk

Portrayed by Tristan Doust

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Named for his grandfather, legendary boxer Charlie "Knucklebones" Roughhouse the First, young Charlie Roughhouse took on more than just his namesake. Much to the disappointment of his Father and Mother, who had built the family name up as a well to do shipping merchant clan from the Isle of Erhart.

Even after years of extensive training at Erhart's premiere school for gentleman, the boy was too wild and prone to picking fights with those above his station. He simply did so in a more gentlemanly fashion. The school simply couldn't dampen his fighting spirit and love of a good tussle or bare-knuckle boxing match.

At age 16 off he was sent off to the navy, in hope he would learn some discipline, respect and restraint. After a full decade of service, and an honorable discharge, Charlie left the navy with just those desirable qualities. The years of gentlemanly training and discipline at sea had paid off; he was finally the man his Father wanted him to be. However, there was still one thing holding back the family from achieving a higher position in society.

He still loved a good scrap.

Eventually, his father finally resigned himself to the to the fact that would never change, giving his son leave to follow his own path. Charles chose the path best suited to his skills and followed in his grandfather's footsteps, becoming a prize fighter in the Erhart league. He enjoyed a career never bested by any man in the ring, nor abiding by any ungentlemanly acts therein. His refusal to fight dirty and his honorable conduct earned him the name "the Gentleman Boxer."

But as the crowd loves a winner, so to do they love to see that winner falter and fail. Charlie finally met his match opposite the Bachenaux champion "Thunderclap Jacque" and was defeated in the twelfth round with a knock-out blow.



Fresh from this defeat, Charlie is hungry to reclaim his honor.

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