There Be Dragons - CH03E17 - Light of a New Day

After a particularly dangerous tete-a-tete with extremely mixed signals goes about as bad as it can, the party… are surprisingly restrained in some ways- and not in others. Dice rolls are awful throughout. Abella gets tangled up. Nezor gets Hrosh. Charlie plays peacemaker. Skairn gets a diagnosis. Rhylind refuses to pull rank. There Be Dragons is a D&D 5th ed. game in a sword and gunpowder era. To learn more about the world, check out the website: We're on iTunes! Subscribe, Rate and Review here: If you prefer spotify, check us out at: Follow us on Twitter: and talk about the

All quiet on the website front...

Hello TBDers! TBDeers? We'll work something out, don't worry. It's been a while since the site was updated with information beyond just episode announcements. That's because the cast of There Be Dragons have been hard at work at things in the background. We have a slew of small announcements coming up in the next month that we can't wait to reveal, but it's meant that we've had to devote our time else-wise. It's the nature of doing business in the wake of Corona unfortunately. So, to those of you who have been suffering economically, but still have been taking the time to listen to the podcast- we really do hope you've been enjoying the story so far and that it's made your life a little more

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