There Be Dragons - CH03E20 - There's Something About Mary

Separated from their (other) scaly friend - Abella, Charlie, Skairn, Hrosh and Nezor are brought to the headquarters of the Red Shield mercenaries and prepare for an awkward evening with the local despot. After meeting the batman, divesting themselves of a terrapin, meeting a mysterious little girl- the party settle in for some scooby doo bullshit in the run up to dinner. But… where’s Rhylind? Skairn sees a bit more of the army than he wanted. Charlie interrupts a crime and makes a reference. Abella snoops and sneaks. Nezor gets funky. ***SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** We have just launched our Patreon! Check it out at Our first mailbag episode goes live 6 h

There Be Dragons - CH03E19 - Don't Split The Party

Bang! The newly conquered city of Rattou is a hotbead of sedition and rebellion and an attempted assassination turns a little hairy as a new set of players enter the scene. With the party's dubious new benefactor is under threat, the party consider options and burgeoning alliances Charlie T-poses to assert dominance. Abella speaks in cant. Skairn's actions spare him from the basement. Nezor causes severe ecological damage. Rhylind embarks on an adventure. There Be Dragons is a D&D 5th ed. game in a sword and gunpowder era. To learn more about the world, check out the website: Give us a review on podchaser! We're on iTunes! S

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