There Be Dragons - CH03E21 - Strong-Arm'd

The Jarl’s interruption of dinner presents an opportunity to garner favour with the mercenary company holding the City of Rattou. Tales of Valour, Tribute and Fighting ensues under strange lights in the night sky. Nezor knows the song. Skairn gives up his eye. Abella gets the lowdown. Charlie makes tea. Rhylind reappears. There Be Dragons is a D&D 5th ed. game in a sword and gunpowder era. To learn more about the world, check out the website: If you'd like to support the podcast, consider supporting us on Patreon! We're on iTunes, Spotify and where ever you find quality podcasts. Rate and Review to help us grow!

Episode 21 on the Horizon!

Hi everyone! It's your Monday update. (Remember friends in the Americas; we come in peace from the future!) Episode 21 is entering final polish stages and will (hopefully) be released this week. The Ad-free version will drop three days prior to release on the free-feed for our $5/month and up supporters on our Patreon. There Be Dragons: Westfall our first patreon special is also entering into a polish phase and will hopefully be ready for release for $10/month and up supporters at around the same time. This is a little nebulous as we're trying to hit our release schedule for our regular podcast episode and finding the time is tricky within our tight schedules. For those of you who don't

Wherefore art thou Westfall?

Hi everyone! Just an update here and on our shiny new patreon (go check it out!). As a special thankyou to our supporters, patreon subscribers at the $10 level will have access to a new side-series detailing the rise of the venerable Westfall family of the titular Rhylind Westfall! Myself (your DM) and Keren have been having a blast playing the game so far and recording it for your enjoyment. It's taking a little longer than anticipated to get the first few episodes cut together, but we are aiming to have the first episode released for $10 patrons at the same time as the early release for episode 21. They should both drop at the same time, including a skippable session 0 style game where we

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