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The Bad-Boy Bard

Portrayed by Tom Moore

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Born into a large Valenic family and raised on folk music, Nezor always felt his talents could be put to better use pushing the boundaries of story and song. However the family band needed his Lute talents to be structured and in time with the sheet music the family played.

The Valenic religion of positive, self-empowerment and actualisation consistently got on Nezor's nerves and he longed for something more edgy, harder and fun. He found solace in the local underground music scene where anyone else were able to come together to experience and experiment. While his religious upbringing made the decadent side of the scene uncomfortable for him, he found the welcoming nature of the scene wonderful and far more genuine than any other experience.


However, it couldn't last forever- staying out to all hours of the night, sleeping in far beyond the crack of dawn and missing family practice created a growing rift between Nezor and his family.

Cast out  for his refusal to pull his weight, Nezor spent the next year practicing with local bands, honing a musical talent while becoming more involved with some of the more illegal elements of the scene. Never the most skillful fighter he was able to hold his own when needed and discovered his talent for self-taught bardic magic.

Taking the name "Evil Among Us" the band decided to go on tour, but eventually creative disagreements led Nezor to leave the band on "good" terms and strike out to find his own fortune.

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