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The origins of the world of There Be Dragons began as a side project that I began to think about way back in 2015. I wanted to focus my creative energy on a world that would act as a unified setting for all my future Dungeons & Dragons games that I could share with my friends. While I love the settings that are a common touch point for enthusiasts for the game, the role of the Dungeon Master is always that primarily of storyteller, and a setting of my own is the natural evolution of the craft. For what is a story without a living breathing world for it to take place in?

In terms of influences, I grew up reading a lot of classics particularly I fell in love with the aesthetic of the stories of the four musketeers, even though truth be told I probably wasn't really old enough to understand what was actually happening. To me, the stories were about dashing heroes that worked together to defeat the baddies and ride off into the sunset. The combat sequences particularly captured my imagination, swashbucklers and pistoleers fighting back to back against insurmountable odds.

The following is meant to be something of a guide that will update as the podcast progresses, for anyone who wants to know a little more about the context of the world being played out in the podcast we are releasing. I've done what I can to make the podcast as much an exploration of the setting (and believe me, I have copious notes on some of the most minute details) so that the world unfolds in as much a natural manner as I can. To that end, I've kept the material as simple as I can to act as a touchstone. I hope you find the world engaging and exciting and above all, entertaining.

It's been nearly four years since it was a thought I latched on to. Now it is about to be released as a podcast.

It's a funny old world.


I hope you enjoy it.

- Matthew.

Welcome to the world of

There Be Dragons!

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