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The Ferocious Fighter

Portrayed by Keren Schlink

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A respected and decorated officer from the Great House of Westfall in Erhart, the precocious Rhylind was adopted and recognised by human parents as their child and heir to much scandal and rumor.

Rhylind's talents lay not so much in academia, but rather with her battle axe, making her a natural fit with the Erhart Military as a front-line commissioned officer. Her highborn education and unusual appearance garnered her a reputation as something of an ice queen, and not just for the gouts of freezing breath that she frequently used in combat.

Rhylind’s life of success came to an abrupt halt however, when she was caught in bed with the wrong woman. Lose lips sink ships, and Rhylind's buoyant career subsequently sank. Hounded by her family's political rivals and the father of her paramour, and superior, Lord General Gideon- Rhylind made the choice to become absent without leave to survive. Spending months in exile, Rhylind traded her skills for coin and lived on the fringes of society.

She does however, believe that revenge is a dish best served ice cold and looks forward to the eventual destruction of those that engineered her downfall. For now, the mercenary life is lucrative and with her wealth of military experience and tactical abilities mean she’s a Dragonborn in demand. She’s not cheap though and you may want to lock up your daughters

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