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Next Chapter, Who Dis?

Hi all!

It's been a minute since our last release. But! Fret no more, Episode 5 will be released on November 4th- for those of you who don't live in the future (remember, Australians!) it should arrive on podbean, or your podcasting app sometimes on the 3rd! We are really excited to be releasing our next big arc in the story and getting to know the characters even more and really wanted to make sure we got it -right. Another exciting thing for us is that with five episodes we're eligible to list the podcast on iTunes! We hope you've been enjoying the podcast so far, and the that the first four episodes gave you a nice introduction to the world, the lore and the characters, but now the story proper begins- and we'd love your support in spreading the word! Once the podcast drops, you can help us out by rating, reviewing and sharing us on the iTunes page, as well as doing the word-of-mouth and referring your friends! Get behind us as we make the push to get the podcast to the next level! We have more to announce in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!


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