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All quiet on the website front...

Hello TBDers! TBDeers? We'll work something out, don't worry.

It's been a while since the site was updated with information beyond just episode announcements. That's because the cast of There Be Dragons have been hard at work at things in the background. We have a slew of small announcements coming up in the next month that we can't wait to reveal, but it's meant that we've had to devote our time else-wise. It's the nature of doing business in the wake of Corona unfortunately.

So, to those of you who have been suffering economically, but still have been taking the time to listen to the podcast- we really do hope you've been enjoying the story so far and that it's made your life a little more easy.

To business though:

In the next day or so, we'll be releasing Episode 17: Light of A New Day on the podcast feed. We've been a bit sporadic in our release days so far, but we're hoping to get back into a predictable release schedule soon. Or maybe not? Is it more fun to guess when an episode will drop? If you don't like uncertainty, maybe consider following us on The Twitter or liking us on The Facebook? You can also check us out on The Youtube. Finally, if you're feeling dangerous, you can follow us on The Instagram we just set up- not much there yet, but we have... Plans.

If all else fails, you can open a window and ask the poor orphan child on the street what day There Be Dragons will be released. They seem to know the way of things by some esoteric source of knowledge.

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