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There Be Dragons CH04E33 - Tinkers, Tailors, Soldiers, Spies

Rested and recuperated from their adventures in Rattou, the party finally spy Qis in the distance. The journey down the river Dis provided an excellent opportunity for shenanigans, hazing of and just regular old goofing off, but now it's time to get their game faces on. Who knows what friends or enemies might be lurking in the Bachenaux port city, or what trouble they might find themselves in once they meet with their shady employer...

Rhylind gets a doppelganger. Abella and Qillain are awkward. Charlie announces his retirement. Nezor seeks out a library, Skairn and Hrosh get examined.

There Be Dragons is a D&D 5th ed. game in a sword and gunpowder era. To learn more about the world, check out the website:

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  Art Powered By Brepai 

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