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The Ruthless Ranger

& Courageous Companion

Portrayed by Josh Walker

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Hailing from the Illic port town of Llanidlos in the northern wastes, Skairn was raised on and around the sea with his twin sister, Bodil. His paternal grandfather, a human, taught him to fish and sail at a young age. He always felt uncomfortable in Llanidlos, preferring to track, hunt and wander in the coastal wilderness near his home.

While climbing with his sister in the rock spires off the coast, they encountered a dragonette nest during the hatching season. They dared each other to try to steal and egg but Skairn was the only one to succeed, the rest being driven off by the enraged mother. He raised the hatchling, naming it Hrosh and it remains a loyal friend, much to the burning jealousy of Bodil.

In his 20's he grew bored of the life of a fisherman and signed on with a whaling crew as a harpooner. After two years his ship was boarded and taken by a group of Buccaneers out of Deimos, a pirate enclave far to the south. The whalers gave a good account of themselves but were slaughtered to a man, save Skairn, who's proficiency with a harpoon was unmatched, with Hrosh circling him, setting sleeves and hats ablaze.

Impressed, the crew offered him a choice - join or die. The first mate, Tylos Alabaster, was the only one to oppose this decision and the two clashed many times as Skairn rose in the ranks- eventually settling the dispute in a fashion that can only be described as final.

Three years ago he received word from his grandfather that his sister had gone missing. Skairn promptly deserted and left his ship intending to find her, so far there has been few clues as to her whereabouts.

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