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Initially a confederation of various Elven city-states, The Bacheneaux Republic are a pseudo-democratic nation with a reputation for great skill in the high arts and sciences. The core states are mostly flatland and deep forests, with various annexed coastal territories that are considered affiliated states. 


The Republic was formed in the fires of The Glorious Revolution, a protracted and

bloody civil war that resulted in the destruction and unification of not one, but five Elven kingdoms. The story told of the revolution follows as such: After many months away for trade, tree merchants from the town of Bachene returned to find their town razed to the ground. Its people were executed in a grizzly method known as "Castigation", being burned alive en-masse. The signature execution style of the now forgotten king of the land that Bachene once stood upon.

These three elves, known commonly as "The Founders of The Republic" are revered in Bachenaux society as matyrs for a cause they started, but did not live to see the end of. Each is remembered for their contribution to the rebellion, and for their untimely deaths.

Aramis Le Guin - "The Orator" Aramis was a bombastic public speaker who would

not live to see the start of the rebellion proper. He was arrested in the city of Riox

for speaking sedition and put to death. Like his wife and child, he would ultimately

be burned alive.

Marcel Des Bachene - "The Betrayed" Marcel was terse elf by all accounts and was known for his efforts to secure the rebellion arms and leading the war from the front. He was eventually betrayed and executed by a minor noble who had pledged support to the rebellion.

Tobin Royeur - "The Father" Tobin, unlike his two counterparts, was an elf of advanced age. A thinker, Tobin would lead the Revolution as its main thought leader and strategist. With victory all but assured after a bloody seven year civil war, Tobin's constitution failed him in the last months of the campaign and he died with his vengeance unfulfilled. His parting gift to the Revolution was the Articles of The Republic, a document that outlined the framework and doctrine of the Republic to follow.

Today, the Republic is a mainly land power, with only access to major

seaports in the west and north east. This was not always the case and the Erhart

dynasty has much responsibility for this after various wars of conquest.

On the surface, the Bachenaux seem to be a fair, cosmopolitan society, having a

respresentative electoral system. Additionally, the Bacheneaux espouse a philosophy of self-determination, which is hypocritically overshadowed by almost criminal levels of taxation and conscription of non-elves for their constant skirmishes with other local powers and discriminatory requirements, including a minimum age of 70, gives preference for Elven representation in their senates.

Easily the largest land-power in the region in terms of both arms and size, but suffers from internal politicking, which makes it often difficult to react to civil disobedience.

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The Bachenaux Republic

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The Nation

Capital: Taloque
Political System: Representative Democracy, Elected Triumvirate

Leader(s): Council Leaders; Arman De Seisriox, Blaise Vrie Amarielle, Claudette Despelloriot

National Colours: Dark Green
National Emblem: Three Oak Trees

Religion: The Faiths - Predominantly The Fury

Population: Cosmopolitan, with a supermajority of Elves.

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Artboard 1.png

Other Realms

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