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The Fury

The Whole Of The Law

Criminals fear the invocation of The Fury. Her agents in the world are many, her institutions strong, her justice swift.

She is Judgement personified, raw justice in one hand, and mercy in the other. There is no in between. Her paladins and clerics, known respectively as Justicars and Inquisitors are often similarly disposed. It is oft better to be captured by the local judiciaries than face their swift justice at the edge of a blade or maul by an ordained follower of The Fury.

Her temples are the places of justice. The Courthouse, The Executioners Block. The Watch House. It is believed that she oversees all matters pertaining to justice and the adherance of law as its patron.

Darkly, it is whispered, she is also possibly patron of retribution and revenge. For when the laws of mortals fail, or evidence is lacking, will she not aid those who nurse in their heart the need for justice?

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1.png

Alignment: Lawful Axis
Light, Law, Order, Judgement, Justice, Retribution, Civilisation

Domains:    Light, War, Order

Classes:       Paladin, Cleric

Holy Sigil:  A Flame, coiling upon itself like the ouroboros

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