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The Lady of Bones

A Whisper in the Dark

The Lady of Bones is the goddess of the dead.

It is she who listens to the confessions and secrets of dying mortals and ultimately guiding them to their rest in whatever heavens or hells lie beyond. It is not hers that is the final judgement, rather she facilitates the passage from one world to the other and no more. A silent goddess, she is feared by all who must one day die.

The Lady does not hold any formal temples, as few worship death. There are often small shrines found to her in graveyards and hospitals. Mourners will often leave offerings to ensure the safe passage of their loved ones to their final rest. Depicted often as a maiden in a dress made of the bones of the dead, sometimes shown leading souls through a gate or archway, she guides the dead to the next stage of existence with a lantern aloft. The Lady strikes a sad yet thoughtful impression on any who look upon the depictions of her in places such as graveyards and memorials, where the small votive statues depicting her are placed

​There is no formal order, faith or fellowship that worship The Lady and she is tight lipped in her response. Efforts to earn her favour rarely succeed without dire repercussions. A heavy toll awaits those that would delve into the secrets of the dead. What is dead should remain so.

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1.png

Alignment: True Neutral
Death, Secrets

Domains:    Death, Grave, Knowledge, Twilight

Classes:       Unknown

Holy Sigil:  The Lady has no Sigil

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