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The Twins

Lovers of Adventure

When sailors of a particularly superstitious bent gather in murky pubs, they often speak in hushed tones of great storms they weathered, strange beasts glimpsed beneath the waves and while away the night with tales of heroism and loss.

They then utter a small thanks to The Twins for their protection.

Arus and Skainfaxi, the two moons of the Urient, are also known to be the physical manifestation of The Twins. Of all the gods, they are thought to have the most physical presence and the most tangible impact on the world.

Often depicted as either siblings, lovers, or two parts of a whole- what form they take is entirely dependent on the local myths of their worshipers. One fact is always undisputed however; they of all the gods are the most visible- for they dance across the sky almost every night. The ocean is their domain and thus their path across the sky can herald the movement of the tides to the knowledgeable navigator who understands their mysteries.

Their faith is most prevalent in northern villages, with a particularly strong following with the Illic diaspora and the Unholy Empire. But, even some southerner communities pay tribute to The Twins for safe passage. Fishing villages will gather at the zenith of The Twin's celestial passage, the full moons, and offer sacrifice to the waves as part of festivities that draw the community together. Most often these sacrifices take the form of herd animals and treasure (or plunder), but some benighted and desperate villages have rumored to on occasion offer their own to sate the gods. Any village that has done this has never openly spoken of it however, for obvious reasons.

The faith itself has no formal place of worship, and other than these festivals, often held on rocky outcroppings, cliffs or secluded beaches. Their following is almost exclusively the domain of those who travel to sea and the families that support them. The festivals held by those who remain on shore are joyous galas, a riot of dancing and song- and not just for festivities sake. Some communities believe that the great storms and waves that crash to the shore are the ripples of the footsteps of the gods themselves as they dance across the sky. It is for this reason that the gods are often associated with dancing and music, with ritual community dances featuring heavily in any celebration.

For all its clangor, the ritual is also a very careful affair, often presided over by a Keeper or other devoted follower who understands the mysteries. These revered folk often hold positions of import, though often not leadership, in communities. Many lighthouse keepers and master shipbuilders are found to be Keepers, and can be found to worry at their token of devotion to The Twins at high tide- two linked rings of whittled wooden flotsam.  Their role, other than as a spiritual advisor to the community, is to ensure that equal portions of any sacrifice are given to both gods to ensure favour. The community depends on the judicious measure of offerings to please the gods as The Twins are as fickle as the winds they hold dominion of and anything that somehow upsets this balance will no doubt bring ruin.

​To believe that The Twins are purely a simple force of nature belies their true nature however. They hold dominion over the salt and spray, true, and their quarrels bring great storms, certainly- but at their core they are expressions of adventure at sea- the calm and the storm. Many hold that they protect those that wish for easy passage, provided that sufficient worship be given. But for those who take to a life of adventure at sea, they often test their adventurous spirit, sending great storms to test their mettle. Those that survive are often marked by the experience and will give their thanks upon safe return to land. Some never take to sea again for fear of what awaits them in the deep with dark promise.

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Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
The Moons, The Ocean, Dancing, Adventure and Storms

Domains:    Tempest, Protection

Classes:       Clerics, Druids, Bards

Holy Sigil:  Two flotsam rings entwined

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