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The Unholy Empire

A Nome de plume that has superseded the original name of the coalition of baronies and duchies of the north tells you all you need to know about this bleak land- The Unholy Empire.

While mostly insular, it is still easily the most populous political entity due to the harsh lives many live, creating a need for large families. The empire experiences frequent internal upheaval as noble families vie for control of portions of the empire, or as peasants rebel against their oppressive lords. The Emperor is a puppet figurehead of the aristocracy, with many families paying mere lip service, while they pursue their internecine ambitions.

Many noble families are either incredibly fond of mystics and other charlatans, or are themselves Sorcerers or Wizards of varying power. It is in part due to the reliance on magical means that ingenuity and invention is often given a sideline, whereas magical skill is championed. This has created difficulties in the artificing industry, many innovations that are commonplace in the southlands are rarely, if at all, seen. Many warriors and farmers are equipped with tools and weapons that are if not decades, then centuries behind. Modernisation is becoming an ongoing concern for the more forward-thinking families, but no solution is in sight.

Even so, the Empire is experiencing a sort of renaissance with a stable cadre of noble houses working closely towards what some see as a stabilisation of the regime. Others see this as a dangerous threat to the other great empires and kingdoms of the world. Rather than their traditional disorganised and complex system of familial alliances, recent efforts have been made to centralise power through this cabal.


International observers are wary, but optimistic that this won’t last. Others are more pessimistic and have already begun training new armies.




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The Nation

Capital: Cyzgnigrad (Kiz-Gni-Grad)
Political System: (Nominally) Imperial

                             (Actual) Autocractic Oligarchy with Imperial Figurehead

Leader: Emperor Cyzogni Verrs Viysirii

National Colours: Black, Grey, White, Red
National Emblem: A Wolf Howling at a Crimson Moon


Religion: The Faiths - The Lady of Bones

Population: Human, Tiefling, Vampire

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Artboard 1.png

Other Realms

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