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The Veteran

Beware old men in a young man's profession

When sailors of a particularly superstitious bent gather in murky pubs, they often speak in hushed tones of great storms they weathered, strange beasts glimpsed beneath the waves, whiling away the night with tales of heroism and loss.

They then utter a small thanks to The Twins, Arus and Skainfaxi, for their protection.

Often depicted as either siblings, lovers, or two parts of a while- what form they take is entirely dependent on the local myths of their worshipers. One fact is always undisputed however; they of all the gods are the most visible- for they dance across the sky almost every night in the form of the twin moons.


The ocean is their domain and thus their path across the sky can herald the tides to the knowledgeable navigator. Their faith is prevalent, to greater or lesser degree, in nearly all seaside villages. Fishing communities gather at the zenith of The Twin's celestial passage and offer animal sacrifice to the waves. They have no formal place of worship, and other than these festivals, often held on rocky outcroppings, cliffs or at low tide on a beach, their worship is the domain of those who travel to sea.


The festivals held by those who remain is a joyous gala, a riot of dancing and song and not just for festivities sake. Some communities believe that the great storms and waves that crash to the shore are the footsteps of the gods as they dance across the sky. It is for this reason that the gods are often associated with dancing and it features heavily in these rituals.


For all its clangor, the ritual is also a very careful affair for those officiating. Equal portions of any sacrifice must be given to both gods. The community depends on the judicious offerings to garner favour of both gods. Anything that somehow upsets this balance will no doubt bring ruin. The Twins are as fickle as the winds they hold dominion of, after all.

To believe that The Twins are purely a simple force of nature belies their true nature however. They hold dominion over the salt and spray, true, and their quarrels bring great storms, certainly. They are at their core though, expressions of the duality of the sea- the calm and the storm. Many hold that they protect those that wish for easy passage, provided that sufficient worship be given. However, for those who take to a life of adventure at sea, they often test the adventurous spirit of, sending great storms to test their mettle, those that survive will often give their thanks upon safe return to land. Some never take to sea again.

Priests or followers of The Twins are often lighthouse keepers or lookouts. They are the retired seamen or elderly women who are often widows of sailors lost at sea.

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Alignment: Lawful Good
War, Healing, The Elderly, Duty, Wisdom

Domains:    War, Protection (UA)

Classes:       Paladins, Clerics

Holy Sigil:  A

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