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The Cast

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Plays: Abella DeRosier

Angela is an actress and writer. She's always liked games, but There Be Dragons was her first official campaign.

On a Friday night she can be found hidden in her lair, shirking all human contact and eating far too many snacks.

She's either secretly a dragon, or a mole rat.


Plays: Skairn Fellspar Thufirson

Josh is an English Actor, Director, Producer Teacher, Carpenter from Perth WA who got seriously (like, problematically) into D&D when some git he met at uni introduced him to it so they could do a podcast based on it.

He currently plays in two campaigns, runs three others and is writing a novel based on one of them.

And it's all Matt's fault.


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Plays: Rhylind Westfall

Keren is a performer and writer from Perth, Western Australia. A collector of hobbies, over the years she has acquired a reasonable level of experience in activities such as poi, burlesque, tap dance, ukulele, song writing, erotic fiction, puppetry, pro wrestling, costume making, calligraphy, baking, videography, latte art, random internet facts and fantasy role play that preferably involves dragons.


She is responsible for the Fringe shows Pupperotica and Underemployment: A show about not enough work and too much TV.

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The Dungeon Master

Matthew is a Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Twitch Streamer and just about everything else creative you can think of.

Catching the Dungeons & Dragons bug nearly sixteen years ago he is an ever-suffering DM guiding his players through ever present danger. He loves his players and characters with all his heart and is upset when they die in horrific ways. Well. Kinda.

He is entirely coffee powered and sleep deprived. I wonder why.

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Plays: Nezor Valghoorlis

Tom is a Sound Mixer, Recordist and all around Wizard. On top of that he also edits, directs and dabbles in DJ’ing.

Apart from DnD he has an enormous passion for Boardgames, to see just how much you can check out his Youtube and Twitch channel Nerds of the West, you might even see a few familiar TBD faces from time to time.

In his spare time he enjoys watching Overwatch League, American Football, Formula 1 and trying to keep up with all the recent movie releases.


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Plays: Charlie Roughhouse The 3rd

Tistan doesn't like writing biographic things, or taking photos of himself.

He's been playing D&D for at least 12 years and doing all those other geeky things for much longer. He likes comics, boardgames, painting tiny little plastic things and most other creative pursuits to differing degrees.

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