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There Be Dragons Episode 1 - A Fistful of Chicken Wings

Chapter 1: Episode 1 - A Fistful of Chicken Wings.

On spit of dirt in the middle of the western oceans, lies an independent trade port, Ardfelun. An important, but remote place, ideal for a mismatch of unlikely allies to meet and begin an adventure at the behest of a mysterious employer.

Join Abella, Clarence, Rhylind, Skairn and Nezor as they accept an invitation by a mysterious noble to complete a fairly simple contract. The only catch being it involves a clandestine operation into a wizard's tower... and chicken wings. Follow us on Podbean to keep up to date: Follow us on Twitter: and talk about the podcast with the hashtag #ThereBeDragons There Be Dragons will be releasing on a fortnightly schedule.

  Art Powered By Brepai 

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