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Halt, in the name of the Lore.

Hi Folks! It's been an amazing nearly-two-weeks watching people respond to our first episode (which you can find at Podbean and on Spotify if you haven't already), and we've loved all your feedback. We're excited to announce that we will be updating our lore pages as promised with new content over the coming days. Of particular interest to the casual consumer will of course be a map of the island port of Ardfelun where our story is currently taking place, as well as some historical information about the locale, and some points of interest! We'll also be releasing further information about our cast as we progress, including some art, backstory, and character level information for you to enjoy! Lastly- Episode 2: For A Few Wings More- will be released 7 hours earlier than last time tomorrow, so that those of you who like listening to a podcast either during your morning commute, or just before bed, can enjoy it in a timely fashion. Don't forget; we're very friendly! So feel free to drop us a tweet to let us know what you thought about the episode; you can find us on twitter here and we'd love it if you'd help promote the podcast to friends you might think would enjoy with the #ThereBeDragons hashtag! See you all tomorrow!

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