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Website, Episode and Lore updates incoming!

Hi everyone! As we move ever closer to March, and the anticipated release of Episodes 11 & 12 which will complete the arc for Chapter 2, an overhaul of the website is going to be slowly implemented as we update our lore.

It's been a fantastic ride so far and people have been sending us emails with requests for more details on the world and the characters. While we're hoping the overhaul will answer most of these questions and we would also like to hear more about what you'd like to know! So- feel free to tweet at us on our twitter (and hey, if you're not already following, consider dropping us one to keep up to date.)

January and February have been challenging for the cast in keeping to our release schedule. Tom has been hard at work in the mixing studio to polish the quality of the program (and then losing all that work in an unfortunate computer-not-working-good accident...) Josh and Keren have been hard at it road-showing their fantastic Fringe performances all around Australia, Tristan and Angela have been hard at work on a number of small projects and other obligations, and Matthew is about to travel to AIDC to try and get some very cool documentary projects up. All in all, it's been a busy, busy start to the year. That said, several episodes are waiting in the wings for release, with Episode 11 not too far away! And hey, we've already started getting into Chapter 3 which is going to through even more challenges the way of the party! If you been enjoying the story, and would like to help the podcast grow, word of mouth is an amazing tool for us- and to those of you who've been recommending and sharing the podcast to everyone you know, thank you so, so much for your support. It's been amazing to see the amount of people downloading the show from all around the world- and just a reminder, you can find us on spotify, itunes and youtube, as well as most if not all other podcasting apps. Rating and Reviewing the podcast also helps us grow and gets us more notice from the casual listeners (and hey, it makes us feel good deep down to know you like the show!) so if you're enjoying it, please consider taking a moment to let us know what you think. We have a few other things in the wings that we're hoping to talk about in the latter half of march, but until then, stay safe and remember that out in the wild world, there be dragons. - There Be Dragons Cast

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