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Episode 21 on the Horizon!

Hi everyone! It's your Monday update. (Remember friends in the Americas; we come in peace from the future!)

Episode 21 is entering final polish stages and will (hopefully) be released this week. The Ad-free version will drop three days prior to release on the free-feed for our $5/month and up supporters on our Patreon. There Be Dragons: Westfall our first patreon special is also entering into a polish phase and will hopefully be ready for release for $10/month and up supporters at around the same time. This is a little nebulous as we're trying to hit our release schedule for our regular podcast episode and finding the time is tricky within our tight schedules. For those of you who don't know- Westfall is a side-along series that details the history of the noble house of Westfall, the ancestral seat of our very own Rhylind Westfall's family. It's a fun little homebrew game that straddles the line of creating historical lore, roleplay and dice rolling. It's very calvinball but will give an insight into not only the noble house but the role it plays in the history of Erhart itself. Should be an enjoyable listen to our supporters! Episode Zero and Episode 1 will release together with Episode Zero being a rundown of the mechanics before we get into the game proper. That's all for now folks!


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